Tuesday, April 30, 2013

An Arrival

Milo Fitzpatrick Burghardt
Born April 25, 2013
8lbs 13oz - 21 inches

He has captured all of our hearts, including big brother's.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Pinterest Challenge Update {less than stellar}

If you will recall, I started this Pinterest challenge with the intention of completing six projects in six weeks. Wayell...let's just say it took me about eight weeks to complete three of them. I'm not proud. But I'm also not ruling out the possibility of finishing this thing out, even if it takes me the next three months {don't count on it}.

Alright, here's a reminder of my projects:

The bottom three got neglected. I wanted so badly to recreate that beautiful outfit for Easter, but Michigan decided to be a blustery 40 degrees and it just wasn't gonna happen. I know what you're thinking. "Why not just wear it another day then, Brenna?" Well, it's April 14 and it snowed here this morning. This "Spring" has not been kind to my desire to wear maxi dresses and sandals. 

So, let's get to the productive side of things.

{1} I posted about my wreath project here.

{2} This play dough recipe ended up being really simple to make and Gehrig loved it! My favorite part is that the Jell-O makes it smell great, so your hands aren't left with that weird salty smell after you're done playing. I cut the recipe in half and made three different colors. It lasted about 2 weeks before it got too sticky to play with. I'll definitely make this again!

{3} I made this quiet book for Gehrig and I'm really excited about how it turned out. I mostly followed this tutorial for putting it together, but changed the activities based on what Gehrig's interests are right now. Also, the original author was crazy ambitious and sewed everything on her book. I went the much lazier/faster route and used a glue gun for the activities and just sewed the pages all together. We're saving it to give him as a "big brother gift" at the hospital, so I have no toddler reviews yet. I think he'll like it though.

The cars can velcro multiple places on the road.
The animals are finger puppets and the barn doors open
to show a pocket where the animals can go.
Self explanatory...
Waiting patiently for my desire to craft {or do anything productive} to reappear. Maybe some sunshine will help. Or maybe the conclusion of this pregnancy will help...

Thanks for visiting!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Sunday

Our typical Easter tradition involves visiting both of our families across the state, but Easter was a pretty simple affair this year since we have been mandated to stay within an hour of the hospital... Thankfully Jason's immediate family has all relocated closer to us within the past year, so they were able to come over for brunch and lots of sugar consumption after we went to church {where Gehrig's chants of "Done pray? Home? Play?" thankfully didn't seem to draw too much attention}.

We loaded up on sweets and watched Gehrig play baseball outside {luckily the weather was a balmy 45 degrees}, burning off the many many jelly beans he suckered out of me after not eating any of the actual food that was prepared. Then we said goodbye to our visitors and two of us {guess who?} had a lovely sugar crash nap. All-in-all, it was a great day.

I've decided to link up with Grace, Kayla, & Erica to share my ultra-boring Easter outfit. I had grand plans of recreating this beauty for Easter, but the chilly weather, lack of time, and my ginormous belly interfered and I realized it was much simpler to wear this festive, and comfy, dress that my mom got me instead. This outfit doesn't really live up to the other beauties in the link-up, but I suppose the 37-week belly should be documented. Plus, G in a sweater vest seems worth sharing with the internet.

The hand on belly was totally unprompted, by the way.
Camp Patton