Friday, March 27, 2015

Musings for the Weekend

Why is it that when I have so much I have to do, my brain is bombarded with a thousand things that I want to do? Sure, I have 50 essays to grade, but isn't it more important that I nail down a capsule wardrobe for Spring and purge all my winter socks?? Yes, we still have to do our taxes, but I've got this meringue recipe that's just BEGGING to be made, so... I guess that's my weekend plan. {This is a real struggle for me. Priorities. Sticking with them. Tell me I'm not alone!}

Have you seen this SNL sketch yet? I reference it daily. I'm pretty sure my neighbor still thinks my name is Brianne after almost 3 years, so it's like, do I correct her at this point? "Say what you wanna say" girl.

My cousin, Kelsey, just started a blog and you should start reading it immediately. She's a teacher and current stay-at-home mom who has some awesome ideas for littles and her kids have the cutest cheeks. Go forth and enjoy.

I've inadvertently given up pop for Lent because Jason did and I'm a nice wife who no longer brings it into the house. I had some today for the first time in a while and...gross, kinda! I think I'll be happy to continue not drinking it, but ask me in a month because I'm sure I'll grow accustomed to it again and convince myself it's delicious.

What is with the trends of adult overalls and full-size rompers and why am I slightly intrigued by them? Is it because I'm a 90's kid and the heart wants what it wants? I just don't think I'll ever wear them, but I said the same thing about skinny jeans, so...

There are so many sewing projects I want to start/finish {see that first one again}. Also, why do I all of a sudden need to become an expert cookie decorator? Maybe because Alison makes everything look so fun.

We're flying with our kids for the first time next week and I'm waffling between renting car seats once we arrive {expensive, convenient, horror stories about dirty or non-existent seats, etc.} and taking our own {bulky, safer, horror stories about damaged car seats after flights, etc.} We're leaning toward taking our own and checking them at the gate, but advice is welcome.

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

St. Patrick's Day

Minus 1 sibling - 2012
St. Patrick's Day 2012
St. Patrick's Day was always sort of a big deal at my house. My German/Swiss mother really took her job of raising five Fitzpatrick kids seriously and basically became more Irish than the rest of us. Every year on March 17 we were awoken by the songs of The Irish Rovers and The Dubliners sang to us as we ate green oatmeal or toast sprinkled with green sugar. By dinnertime our house was filled with the smell of Irish Soda Bread and the wreak of corned beef and cabbage. There was dancing, dessert, Guinness, and the viewing of an Irish film (Secret of Roan Inish was my personal favorite, but we often switched it up with Darby O'Gill and the Little People or Angela's Ashes). Even when I went away to college I'd get care packages every year filled with shamrock stickers, treats, and a note from my mom written in her best brogue. My college roommates still ask me to send along my mom's Paddy's Day greetings because...they're just the best.

My love of Ireland exponentially increased when I studied abroad in Dublin and did things like cartwheel in front of a castle, get my nose pierced, and drunkenly Riverdance in a pub in front of the whole program, including my professor who mentioned it in class the next day. But, maybe more on that trip another time.
One of the most exciting {and sometimes frustrating} things about parenting is establishing new traditions and deciding which ones from your own childhood you want to continue. My family's St. Patrick's Day traditions are filed under "continue," which Jason agreed to long ago, while I agreed to establish an annual MLB Allstar Game party because marriage is about blending our lives and interests and aren't we the models of compromise?

So yesterday my kids woke up and were immediately roped into a dance party in the kitchen and were pretty amused by me singing about pigs making "lovely household friends" and "whack fol the daddy-o." They ate green pancakes, helped me bake Irish soda bread, listened to me talk about a cool country called Ireland, and asked if leprechauns are real.

When they're older we'll add a movie after dinner {we'll start with my old favorites, but someday add The Wind that Shakes the Barley and Once to the rotation}. Someday I may even make corned beef and cabbage {we had steak this year since no one else would come near a pot of stew in this house} and they'll hear stories about my visit to Ireland and how their Swiss grandmother helped instill a love of this Irish holiday in me that I hope they'll want to pass down to their kids, too.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Positive Thinking

Baseball season started last week, which means my husband is about to be gone every night for games and most Saturdays for tournaments and I'm in danger of slipping into a big fat mope-fest because I'm a total wimp and have no idea how single parents or spouses of people who work 60 hours a week do it. But I'm trying to be a real adult, so I'm putting on my best smile and assuring myself that this will be fine. The season will fly by. It won't feel that lonely. Right? K. Anyway, some positive thinking is in order...

I'm calling it now: the end of the frigid winter is here. Spring is in sight. We'll be putting the boots and hats away soon. {Yes, I've lived in Michigan my whole life and, yes, I know there will probably be a snow storm in April and, yes, I'm aware that it's only March and this is totally wishful thinking. Don't harsh my vibe.}

I've finished more books in the last 3 months than I read maybe all of last year. My secrets?: audiobooks and the OverDrive App. With a 30-minute commute to work, it's so great to have books read to me and feel productive even though I'm just driving. I'm excited to get Gehrig hooked on them, too, because Janssen is my reading role model and her kids are into it. 

There are only about 3 piles of snow left on the ground and we are totally going outside to play with our jackets unzipped this afternoon. We're livin' on the edge, baby!

Two high school girls told me I looked "beautiful" yesterday. Really. During two separate encounters! The ability of 17-year-olds to impact my self esteem apparently did not dissipate after 2004, because I'll been riding that high all week.

Jason will be at a conference all weekend, so I've packed our menu with food I never get to make for dinner with a picky husband. Casseroles, tacos, and soups, oh my!

2.5 weeks until we jet off to the west coast and I.cannot.wait.

It's St. Patrick's Day - one of my favorite holidays! My mom always made St. Paddy's so fun for us growing up and it's one of the things I am so excited to continue with my kids. I'll post all about it tomorrow. Until then, enjoy the craic!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

According to Gehrig

These gems just keep rolling in, faster than I can write them down. I think everyone should have a 4-year-old in their home to help boost moods. 

Jason and I were talking while Gehrig sat in the next room playing:
Jason: Hey, did you see your mother's....
Gehrig {under his breath in a mocking tone}: Instagraaaam

After assessing the state of our refrigerator: 
Gehrig: Mom, you need to send dad an Instagram and tell him to pick up apple juice on his way home from work.
{Clearly we need to calm down with the Instagram talk}

During a pout session:
Jason: What do you want to do, buddy? We could play with play dough.
Gehrig: No.
Jason: We could color.
Gehrig: No.
Jason: We could do a puzzle.
Gehrig: No.
Gehrig: We could play with the cash register.
Jason: Yeah, you want to play with the cash register?
Gehrig: No. That’s just something we could do.

During the opening song of The Lion King:
Gehrig: I think it’s God singing because no one else's mouth is moving.

After I scolded Milo for biting a tire off a toy car and he started crying:
Gehrig: Mom, I think he’s upset.
Me: Well, I’m upset, too. That’s dangerous for him.
Gehrig: But, see how he’s crying? I think you did that. 

Me: Buddy, you really need a haircut today. Your hair is starting to cover your ears.
Gehrig: Mom, your hair is really already covering your ears!