Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Positive Thinking

Baseball season started last week, which means my husband is about to be gone every night for games and most Saturdays for tournaments and I'm in danger of slipping into a big fat mope-fest because I'm a total wimp and have no idea how single parents or spouses of people who work 60 hours a week do it. But I'm trying to be a real adult, so I'm putting on my best smile and assuring myself that this will be fine. The season will fly by. It won't feel that lonely. Right? K. Anyway, some positive thinking is in order...

I'm calling it now: the end of the frigid winter is here. Spring is in sight. We'll be putting the boots and hats away soon. {Yes, I've lived in Michigan my whole life and, yes, I know there will probably be a snow storm in April and, yes, I'm aware that it's only March and this is totally wishful thinking. Don't harsh my vibe.}

I've finished more books in the last 3 months than I read maybe all of last year. My secrets?: audiobooks and the OverDrive App. With a 30-minute commute to work, it's so great to have books read to me and feel productive even though I'm just driving. I'm excited to get Gehrig hooked on them, too, because Janssen is my reading role model and her kids are into it. 

There are only about 3 piles of snow left on the ground and we are totally going outside to play with our jackets unzipped this afternoon. We're livin' on the edge, baby!

Two high school girls told me I looked "beautiful" yesterday. Really. During two separate encounters! The ability of 17-year-olds to impact my self esteem apparently did not dissipate after 2004, because I'll been riding that high all week.

Jason will be at a conference all weekend, so I've packed our menu with food I never get to make for dinner with a picky husband. Casseroles, tacos, and soups, oh my!

2.5 weeks until we jet off to the west coast and I.cannot.wait.

It's St. Patrick's Day - one of my favorite holidays! My mom always made St. Paddy's so fun for us growing up and it's one of the things I am so excited to continue with my kids. I'll post all about it tomorrow. Until then, enjoy the craic!

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