Friday, March 27, 2015

Musings for the Weekend

Why is it that when I have so much I have to do, my brain is bombarded with a thousand things that I want to do? Sure, I have 50 essays to grade, but isn't it more important that I nail down a capsule wardrobe for Spring and purge all my winter socks?? Yes, we still have to do our taxes, but I've got this meringue recipe that's just BEGGING to be made, so... I guess that's my weekend plan. {This is a real struggle for me. Priorities. Sticking with them. Tell me I'm not alone!}

Have you seen this SNL sketch yet? I reference it daily. I'm pretty sure my neighbor still thinks my name is Brianne after almost 3 years, so it's like, do I correct her at this point? "Say what you wanna say" girl.

My cousin, Kelsey, just started a blog and you should start reading it immediately. She's a teacher and current stay-at-home mom who has some awesome ideas for littles and her kids have the cutest cheeks. Go forth and enjoy.

I've inadvertently given up pop for Lent because Jason did and I'm a nice wife who no longer brings it into the house. I had some today for the first time in a while and...gross, kinda! I think I'll be happy to continue not drinking it, but ask me in a month because I'm sure I'll grow accustomed to it again and convince myself it's delicious.

What is with the trends of adult overalls and full-size rompers and why am I slightly intrigued by them? Is it because I'm a 90's kid and the heart wants what it wants? I just don't think I'll ever wear them, but I said the same thing about skinny jeans, so...

There are so many sewing projects I want to start/finish {see that first one again}. Also, why do I all of a sudden need to become an expert cookie decorator? Maybe because Alison makes everything look so fun.

We're flying with our kids for the first time next week and I'm waffling between renting car seats once we arrive {expensive, convenient, horror stories about dirty or non-existent seats, etc.} and taking our own {bulky, safer, horror stories about damaged car seats after flights, etc.} We're leaning toward taking our own and checking them at the gate, but advice is welcome.

Have a great weekend!


  1. There must be a name for that specific type of procrastination, and I have it too. Big paper due soon in grad school? I must clean the apartment! Taxes need doing? Time to clean out the closets! Or learn another language! Oo oo bake cookies!
    We've had good luck with renting car seats (Las Vegas), and bad luck with renting a crib (San Francisco, bed bugs)... just go with your gut, I say.
    I am loving your more frequent blog posts!

    1. Glad to know I'm not alone in my distractions. And bed bugs?? UGH!!

  2. Totally checked our own car seats (even for an international flight - customs was brutal though since we had so much stuff!) but it was nice to know what to expect and not to wonder what (if?) I would get. A car seat bag is a must to protect them though!