Tuesday, March 3, 2015

According to Gehrig

These gems just keep rolling in, faster than I can write them down. I think everyone should have a 4-year-old in their home to help boost moods. 

Jason and I were talking while Gehrig sat in the next room playing:
Jason: Hey, did you see your mother's....
Gehrig {under his breath in a mocking tone}: Instagraaaam

After assessing the state of our refrigerator: 
Gehrig: Mom, you need to send dad an Instagram and tell him to pick up apple juice on his way home from work.
{Clearly we need to calm down with the Instagram talk}

During a pout session:
Jason: What do you want to do, buddy? We could play with play dough.
Gehrig: No.
Jason: We could color.
Gehrig: No.
Jason: We could do a puzzle.
Gehrig: No.
Gehrig: We could play with the cash register.
Jason: Yeah, you want to play with the cash register?
Gehrig: No. That’s just something we could do.

During the opening song of The Lion King:
Gehrig: I think it’s God singing because no one else's mouth is moving.

After I scolded Milo for biting a tire off a toy car and he started crying:
Gehrig: Mom, I think he’s upset.
Me: Well, I’m upset, too. That’s dangerous for him.
Gehrig: But, see how he’s crying? I think you did that. 

Me: Buddy, you really need a haircut today. Your hair is starting to cover your ears.
Gehrig: Mom, your hair is really already covering your ears!

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