Wednesday, January 14, 2015


Just thought I'd share some of our favorite things lately...

1. This peanut butter ball recipe is big hit with all my boyos {and me, too}. I double it and they're still eaten within a few hours. I also use raisins instead of chocolate because I'm a mean mom.

2. Disneynature movies are a treat for all of us on days we're stuck inside due to -20 wind chill. I find them beautiful, Jason thinks they're interesting, Milo shouts and makes animal noises through the entire film, and Gehrig soaks up every part of it and repeats animal facts for days afterward. African Cats is my favorite so far.

3. This song is like number one in the world or something right now, so I'm sure this is nothing new to anyone, but it's basically been on repeat for the last couple months around here. I dare you not to dance!

4. Our new snowblower is possibly the favorite child right now. How we got through last winter in West Michigan without it is a mystery. It took all of 15 minutes to clear a foot of snow last week. Best part: my husband voluntarily goes out to clear the snow. Cue all the heart eyes.

5. This new water bottle Jason gave me for Christmas is pretty great. I've been wanting a glass water bottle for a while and this has met all requirements; most important of which is that Milo hasn't figured out how to open it.

6. One of my goals for January is to exercise regularly and options are limited in the dead of winter for me {I'm not hardcore enough to go running in a snowstorm...or in temperatures below 60 degrees}. I've tried sticking with workout videos, but doing the same thing every day gets boring and I end up quitting after a week. I've seen tons of different fitness and wellness challenges popping up so far this year, and finally decided to try this 30 Days of Yoga series. I'm only on day 3, but so far I love it. Adriene kind of seems like everyone's best friend and doesn't take it too seriously, which can often annoy me about yoga instructors. I'm way out of practice, so the fact that it starts out pretty slow and low-key has been a great way to ease me back in. And a different workout each day means I'm much more likely to keep up with it.

7. Seven's my favorite number. It feels right leaving it at that.

Hope you're staying warm wherever you are!


  1. I feel like I totally hit the jackpot and I can't wait to check out both Disneynature and 30 days of yoga!!! Thanks for the recs!!

    1. Yay! Let me know what you think of them!