Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Reality TV Confession

It's 10pm, so I should be heading to bed, or at the very least getting some work done, but So You Think You Can Dance just ended and I'm still a little jazzed about it {pun most definitely intended}. It's my very favorite summertime show and I'm sad that my Wednesday nights and Thursday mornings will no longer be filled with texts discussing standout performances and the impact of that night's contemporary piece with one of my favorite ladies:

It's so nice to share fandom with others. Until our husbands weighed in tonight and it looked more like this:

These are the moments that really strengthen friendships.

If I had to pick a favorite dance from this season {too many!}, it would be this one. It makes me cry every time and I kind of can't get over the image of women just helping each other out, picking each other up and supporting one other. Beautiful, right? 

Also, this:

And, Twitch, obviously:

Anyway, those are my thoughts at the moment and now I think I will go do some work {which really means go to bed}.

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