Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Being Active (and other pressing issues)

This summer has brought a surge of physical activity to our house. I'd like to blame our renewed interest in exercise on the fact that we both have the summer off of work and just can't wait to seize every extra moment we have to get outside and get fit...however, I must admit it has more to do with the London Olympics and my husband's belief that, given enough practice, he could be in the running for nearly every gold medal in the games. Recently, I have indulged his dreams by agreeing to play tennis a few times. 

Federer and Murray, we are not.

But it has been fun. And Gehrig loves running around after the balls that inevitably fly past us as we play. Mr. Curious also suckered us into getting him his own racquet...{no, we are not insane parents who think their 18-month-old will become a tennis prodigy...we simply discovered it's much more pleasant for him to traipse around on the sideline swinging aimlessly than to chase us around, arm outstretched, face wet, and perma-whining because we won't give him ours. It's a win for all parties}.

Now, to the pressing issue at hand. Guys, I finally ordered rollers for my press! It only took me two years...but these beauties should be on their way to my anxious little hands soon. Can't wait to ink them up and get-to-printing!

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  1. Love the "new" blog...and I will not judge you for buying your toddler a tennis racket, given that I keep my baby happy on road trips with chocolate bars & video games.