Thursday, February 7, 2013

DIY Statement Necklace

My first attempt to ignore my shopaholic tendencies this month was to make myself a new necklace. After all, as a going-on-8-months-pregnant lady, accessories are one of the only items that really make me feel stylish these days. They can jazz up an otherwise boring outfit, or at least give variety to the three shirts I wear over and over again. Here's how it went down:

I didn't have beads in the color I wanted, but I did have a large number of wooden beads, so I decided to paint them all one color using acrylic paint and a glaze to give them a little shine. It took about three coats to get this color:

Then I spent a while laying out the beads in different patterns until I found a design I liked. This won out. I used chain and clasps I happened to have in my bead case to connect the different tiers {mostly making it up as I went...I'm no expert}.

And here's the final product. I like the springy color {because something needs to distract me from the 10+ inches of snow we're getting this weekend} and the fact that it might distract from my giant belly. I think every girl might need a little boost after finding out she gained 4 pounds in 2 weeks...

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  1. This necklace was so stylish on Saturday, I thought it was hand-crafted in micronesia with a 128.00 from anthro.

  2. I LOVE this necklace so much! You did a great job putting this together.