Thursday, November 14, 2013

Why Fall is the Greatest. Always.

I feel a bit overwhelmed these days. I'm blaming this on my first semester back after having Milo and have high hopes that, come Christmas break, my house will no longer look like a hurricane hit and my to-do list will look a whole lot more fun than: 

grade papers
do laundry
grade journals
grocery shop
grade worksheets

Maybe 'shower' could even work its way up to the top of the list? I dream big.

But who really cares about all those menial chores when....

Michigan, you guys!!

There are things about Fall that just make me swoon. These colors are on the top of that list. Also: scarves, apple cider, apple cider donuts, boots, Thanksgiving, crock pot comfort food, sweaters, tea, and things like this:

Standing in front of a giant apple with my boys.

I just really love autumn times. Why can't it be the longest season? Happy Fall, ya'll!

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  1. Well put, as usual, Brenna. I, too, would not complain one bit if it were the longest season of our Michigan year. I just keep reminding myself that our seasons are a reflection of life. The cycle of changes can help to condition me for the days and weeks that sometimes seem overwhelming :) p.s. I love these photos!