Tuesday, November 26, 2013

According to Gehrig

It's becoming evident to me that 3-year-olds {or going-on-3-year-olds} are some of the funniest human beings on the planet. Gehrig is constantly saying unexpected things that crack me up and, even though his stubbornly independent personality challenges me a lot, his ability to think for himself produces some real gems that I just had to share.

When Jason checked on him after bedtime, Gehrig reported what he was "dreaming" about-
"I dreamin' about baseball. And football. And Chuggington. I dream about a lot!"

Over the monitor from his room at 3am-
Gehrig: "MOOOMM, I need heeelp."
I stumble in, annoyed: "Help with what, Buddy?"
Gehrig: "Falling asleep."
{I melt}

While trying to speak in code to Jason-
Me: "It was on....Fix-it Manuel."
Gehrig: "No, mom, it's just Handy Manny!"

While Jason was putting him to bed the other night-
Gehrig: "Dad, can you keep me safe?"
Jason: "Safe from what, Buddy?"
Gehrig: "Mom."
Jason: "Haha. Are you being silly?"
Gehrig: "No. I not being silly. She really really scary."

Anytime we ask him to try new food-
"No thanks. I'm too little. I'm just a little boy."

And my favorite as of late-
"Apple juice goes all the way down to my belly and grows up into pee!"

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  1. I love him so much. He sure takes after his mom and dad with that wit.

  2. I want more, please. It's only been five days since I was there and my heartstrings are feeling that old familiar tug!