Thursday, January 9, 2014

Good Things Thursday

Today the longest Christmas Break sadly came to an end. Jason's back to work after 2 weeks, plus a bonus 3 days off thanks to Snowpocolypse '14. It was kind of the greatest to hang out with him so much and I really can't complain about the extra sleep I get on mornings he's here. So, in my currently refreshed and rested state, I feel like it's a good time to round up some really good things that went on over break.

1. Time with these guys, obviously. I even got a couple dates with my husband. One happened to be at Urgent Care on Christmas Eve for a certain lady's ear infection, but it counts, right? {Not sure if that makes us seem romantic, making even the not-fun things into dates, or pathetic, counting sitting in the waiting room as "us time." Don't tell me which.}

2. Seeing extended family. Gehrig loves his cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents so much. I never see him more excited than when they come over or we go visit them. This makes me the happiest.

3. Lots and lots of crafts.

4. SNOW. Ok, it wasn't the greatest to be stuck on the opposite side of the state as Jason, or shovel 2 feet of snow, but all the ice and snow we've gotten lately sure is pretty. And it gave us 4 snow days, so...yes, please.

5. Christmas seemed extra great this year. It could have been because Gehrig really got into things like lighting {and blowing out} the Advent candles every night, reading the Christmas story and understanding who baby Jesus is, and opening each gift with the same amount of enthusiasm and appreciation {"Whoa! Chet dis out!"}. Whatever the reason, it was an excellent Christmas 'round these parts.

And so ceases the overload of pictures. Happy New Year, too!


  1. And Happy New Year to you! So many sweet pictures!! And a big toddler made our Christmas extra special too. He LOVED his gifts and made the best exclamations!

    1. So much fun to see the holidays through their eyes!