Friday, January 17, 2014


There are few things I find more frustrating than my kids' regression to behavior that we work so hard to get past. Namely, thinking we have this potty thing down and then...two whole weeks of accident after accident after...maybe we should go back to diapers? I know. I know. "It's all normal. Especially with boys. Blahblahblah." Honestly, potty training has maybe-definitely been my least favorite parenting venture thus far {yep, it even takes the cake over waking up 3x nightly and those irrational tantrums}, so I'm feeling a bit discouraged these days.

But there's this other regression taking place that I can't be too upset by. Gehrig, my self-weaned, can't-hold-me-down, independent, almost-3-year-old has decided he loves cuddling again. It all started with a post-drive nap that he shockingly continued on me:

Keep in mind, this boy has not slept in my arms in over a year. I kind of thought it might never happen again. So I went ahead and savored it as long as possible. Little did I know this would kick-start a new phase in which he lets me rock him to sleep, wants to cuddle with me as soon as he wakes up from naps, and randomly stops playing with his cars to lay his head on my lap and whisper "Can you hold me, mom?" It's like, holy cute, kid!

Of course, this mommy phase has also brought with it some jealousy with baby brother needing extra love thanks to the upwards of 5 new teeth he's procuring, but I'm trying to accommodate his cuddle requests as much as possible because, like every phase, it could leave as quickly as it came. 

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