Monday, April 14, 2014

According to Gehrig

While he cried about a scrape on his finger-
Me: "Drink your juice and maybe it will feel better."
Gehrig: "But the juice will go into my belly, not into my finger."

Gehrig: "Want to hear a song about applesauce?"
Me: "Yeah, let's hear it!"
.....long pause while he was clearly thinking very hard.....
Gehrig:"Just a minute. It's loading."

After coffee and donuts at church a few weeks ago-
"Christ said we could get donuts today!"
{I figured he considered this an answered prayer...}

During church last week, he pointed to the priest and whispered-
"Look, Mom. Theeerrre's Jesus Christ!"
{ that cleared up any misconceptions about God talking to him about pastries.}

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