Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Dear Milo: Month 10

Dear Mi-Guy,

I could start this letter with every single cliché about the passage of time {it's flying by. where does it go? you're growing up too fast. wish i could make it stand still....etc. etc.), but really, Baby Boy, you are seeming so big lately. You even took your first step this past week! You want to walk so badly and always prefer to be standing {holding on to something...usually my leg...or just standing in the middle of a room}. I think you'll be running behind your brother in no time.

You think your brother is hilarious. He thinks you're pretty funny, too, except when you try to eat his toys. You are extremely tolerant of his impatience, smiling when he pushes you or laughing when he throws a tantrum. But you also like to wrestle with him and pull his hair, so I guess you can hold your own in those rougher moments. 

We had some months of very little sleep, but you are gradually getting better at taking naps and giving me a little break at night {waking up to nurse one time as opposed to three}. Those four teeth that all came in at once really wreaked havoc on our house. So glad you're feeling better and back to your happy, cuddly self.

You love giving kisses, which usually involves grabbing our faces and locking us in to a big, open-mouth slobberfest. You love attention more than anything. If we're not making eye contact with you, you crane your neck  and get right in our faces so we'll look at you. You think you're pretty cool when you imitate Gehrig and make us all laugh. The dinner table is becoming much louder with the shrieking and hissing noises you make.

You started doing some signs recently, which always fascinates me and makes me so happy to be able to actually communicate with you. You sign 'more' and 'all done' and 'danger' and every time you do I kind of think you're a genius. I love watching you learn new things.

I am enthralled with the little huge personality you are developing. You're a bit of a daredevil...trying to climb stairs and get into everything you possibly can. One of your favorite things to do is bolt toward anything we try to keep you away from {a computer cord, the vacuum, a closed door when big brother is napping...}. You think it's so fun to be chased and the glimmer you get in your eye makes me think I've got some challenging moments in my future.

Thanks for making our days so fun and our nights so long, Buster. We all love you so much and think you're {as G says} "so tute."

Love, Mama 

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  1. Gehrig and Milo are so lucky, no...extremely blessed, to have a Mama who chronicles all their precious milestones with such insightful and eloquent musings. And the photos add thousands of words to that loving talent of yours, Brenna-my-Brenna :D I love you all great bunches and I am also very blessed to be grandma to these two precious little men!