Friday, January 11, 2013

Amateur Hour

So now that I've taken down the Christmas tree and accompanying decor that at one point threatened to stay up until Valentine's Day, I'm realizing that I have very little by way of every-day decor to take their place. Another thing I'm realizing: I'm too cheap to buy any sort of artwork to cover our empty walls. The solution? Make my own colorful little pieces that pass for just-good-enough to fill my walls and my desire to craft. 

This is in our bedroom and looks much brighter in real life. I have this thing for dots, so when I saw this on Pinterest, I felt the need to make something similar to fill the very empty space above the amazing bookshelf my brother-in-law made us as a wedding gift.  

And this guy is the first step toward coloring the very blank slate of our upstairs bathroom. I love the color of the walls and decided adding yellow accents will make it nice and cheery. Full b-room decor to be shared soon {when I actually finish it}.

And, just because you no one asked, check out this 25-week bump. Yiiiikes. 


  1. I love the artwork Brenna and I'm inspired by your ability to glean ideas from Pintrest or elsewhere and actually execute them!

  2. ...AND even more, I LOVE that 25 week bump!! It's just over 3 months until your due date!

  3. Benny! Your bump and painting are aaaabsolutely adooorable!