Sunday, January 6, 2013

Christmas Break

I'll sum up the first week of Christmas break in several words: food, travel, family, grateful.
Oh, and we made cookies, too.
Week two was so much lamer, so that's the one I'll describe in detail. The day after Christmas we all {meaning nearly everyone we came in contact with over the previous 24 hours} came down with a nasty cold/cough/evil sore throat that has hung on and morphed into new and more advanced degrees of gross and annoying.  

What resulted was a week of laying around, listening to each other cough, eating ice cream, drinking tea, and watching far too much television. {alright, we did have a couple productive days when we were foolish enough to think we were "on the mend" and decided to re-organize our basement...which then resulted in us feeling even worse after stirring up dust and most likely overdoing back to the couch we went to continue our How I Met Your Mother marathon.}

One of our few outings to the outside world...
The upsides to all of this? I had lots of time to sit and stare at my husband and I'm not even tired of him. In fact, I'm pretty bummed he's headed back to work tomorrow. Also, more importantly, he had lots of time to sit and stare at me looking horrid in pjs and no makeup for a week and I think he still really likes me, too. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, I'm all caught up with Downton Abbey, just in time for the season 3 premiere tonight. Whoop!

It will be the perfect companion as I finally take down our Christmas decor...

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  1. Aw, poor sickies! I'm so glad you caught up on Downton in time!